The work of the Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart is only possible thanks to support we receive from many different organisations and individuals. We would like to express our gratitude here to all grant-awarding bodies,  sponsors and partners, as well as donors, patrons and numerous supporters and the Friends of Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart e.V..

So please support us in whatever way you can!

Our culture is our common treasure and our common obligation. For culture only contributes to our life when we look after it, preserve it, and communicate it to our children, our neighbours and others further afield. Realising these demands is the task of cultural organisations such as the Bachakademie, with its artists, educators and administrators. And making this work possible and supporting it is, amongst other things, the responsibility of the state. But businesses too regard supporting this work as part of their responsibility, and are conscious that entrepreneurial success always owes something to conditions in their location and the people living there. Ultimately, each of us can engage directly – there are endless possibilities!

Supporters and donors ...

... know that culture cannot be financed by ticket prices and state support alone, and therefore they are particularly keen to support projects which benefit society as a whole.

Sponsors ...

... use the public face of our work, such as concerts, season brochures, event advertising, to advertise or to present a positive image to their business partners and colleagues. In doing so they also demonstrate their commitment to culture and to social responsibility.

Collaborative partners ...

... work with the Bachakademie in promoting events or use the synergy of working and communicating together.

Friends of the Bachakademie Stuttgart e.V. ...

... is the friends’ group. Its members support the International Bach Academy Stuttgart Foundation as a widely-based association. Individual commitment at all levels is welcomed. Membership costs less than 10 Euros per month – those who wish can contribute more. And as with every friends’ organisation our motto is: together we are stronger!

Who said Bach was old?

JSB Ensemble (photo hs)

The Junge Stuttgarter Bach Ensemble (JSB Esemble) represents the festival orchestra (choir and orchestra) of the Bachwoche Stuttgart. It consists of future professional musicians from over twenty different nations, picked out during auditions and fascinating by their musicality and enthusiasm. To ensure outstanding quality, the Bachakademie bears all travel expenses and accommodation costs.

Support the Junges Stuttgarter Bachensemble and become a sponsor!


Bach.LAB im Club Schocken (photo hs)

BACH.LAB is an experimental concert series during the MUSIKFESTSTUTTGART, mixing the music of Bach and his contemporaries with Jazz, Pop and electronic music. It is a striking experience how modern and ubiquitous Bach’s melodies and harmonics still are to this day.

Host your own BACH.LAB concert and invite your employees!


Works of Bach and other activities!

Unternehmen Musik: Trumpf (Foto hs)

The series events „Unternehmen Musik“ offers unique venues and exceptional concert experiences. We take the music to your factory and your employees and add the public audience. Is there anything more impressive than hosting your own concert?

Become a Part of Unternehmen Musik!

Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires (Foto hs)

Our concert tours brings the Gaechinger Cantorey and Hans-Christoph Rademann - the „cultural flagship“ of the state Baden-Wuerttemberg – to renowned concert halls all over the world.

BEcome a Partner of the tournee and integrate your Dependances!



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