Gaechinger Cantorey

Gaechinger Cantorey, Hans-Christoph Rademann © photo hs
Gaechinger Cantorey, Hans-Christoph Rademann (Liederhalle Stuttgart)

The Gaechinger Cantorey is the ensemble of the Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart. It combines a baroque orchestra and a hand-picked choir which together form a perfectly-blended early music ensemble. Under the baton of Akademie Director Hans-Christoph Rademann, the ensemble flies the flag for the “Stuttgart Bach style” on the international stage.

The backbone to this distinctive Bach style sound is embodied in two replica instruments commissioned by the Bachakademie of originals from the workshop of Bach’s legendary contemporary Gottfried Silbermann (1683–1753): in 2016 the Akademie acquired a copy of a chamber organ by Silbermann discovered in Seerhausen, Saxony, and a copy of a Silbermann harpsichord completed the ensemble’s keyboard instruments in 2021. These two examples of a baroque sound faithful to the original form the heart of the Gaechinger Cantorey’s distinctive sound.

Copy of a chamber organ by Silbermann (Orgelwerkstatt Wegscheider, Dresden) © photo Holger Schneider
Copy of a chamber organ by Silbermann (Orgelwerkstatt Wegscheider, Dresden)

Since its refounding as the Gaechinger Cantorey in 2016, the Internationale Bachakademie’s ensemble has made numerous appearances in Germany, performing at the Musikfest Stuttgart, Bachwoche Ansbach, Bachfest Leipzig, Rheingau Musik Festival, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, Dresden Kulturpalast and the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie. Further afield, performances at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées Paris, in the USA (Fort Lauderdale, Chapel Hill, Norfolk, Princeton, Los Angeles, Irvine) and in South America (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá) have further established the ensemble’s reputation. A tour of the USA is planned for autumn 2022.

Gaechinger Cantorey, Hans-Christoph Rademann © photo hs
Gaechinger Cantorey, Hans-Christoph Rademann (Wagenhallen Stuttgart)

As well as live performances, the Gaechinger Cantorey and its director Hans-Christoph Rademann has a busy recording schedule. Their debut CD, with Reformation cantatas by J.S. Bach, was released in 2017 on the Stuttgart Carus label. This was followed in 2018 on the same label by Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, G.F. Handel’s Utrecht Te Deum and Jubilate, in 2020 by the rarely performed fourth version of Bach’s St John Passion and in 2021 with a CD of Bach Cantatas BWV 21 and BWV 147. In 2019 the ensemble released a CD with Bach cantatas on the accentus music label recorded in the Naumburg Stadtkirche St. Wenzel using the original Hildebrandt organ. This was followed in 2020 by a recording of the Dublin version (1742) of Handel’s Messiah, Bach’s St Matthew Passion in 2021 and the two Magnificats by C.P.E. and J.S. Bach in 2022.

The Gaechinger Cantorey is committed to the Internationale Bachakademie’s varied music outreach initiatives, regularly participating in the “BachBewegt!” programme which actively invites children and young people to sing, dance and experience music, either on stage or as listeners in the concert hall. This includes family concerts, joint performances of Haydn’s The Seasons and The Creation, Handel’s Messiah and Vivaldi’s Gloria as well as danced interpretations of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Mozart’s Requiem. In 2017 the choreographic interpretation of Bach’s St Matthew Passion was released as a DVD on the accentus music label. Since 2020 numerous podcasts and concert streams with the Gaechinger Cantorey have made been available to watch at any time in the Bachakademie Mediathek.