The Library

Our collection

With its extensive collection of publications on Johann Sebastian Bach and the Bach family, the library of the Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart is one of the most important music archives in south-west Germany.

The principal aim of the library is to be able to offer a complete and continuously updated collection of all the publications relating to this subject. These include:

  • yearbooks, conference reports, collections of articles and other periodicals
  • biographies
  • facsimiles, Old and New Bach Edition, and New Bach Edition – Revised
  • musical-theoretical publications, introductions to works and analyses, source studies
  • publications on Bach’s pupils and sons
  • literature on Bach reception

In addition, the library is distinguished by its special collections on:

  • oratorio
  • hymnology, theology, church music
  • the study of musical instruments


Echoing the Bachakademie’s approach to music, its media collection also includes music of all periods and genres. Interested members of the public, students, musicians and musicologists can find a wide selection of publications and music on many and diverse musical themes in the Bachakademie library:

  • biographies and analyses of works
  • study scores
  • historic and current complete editions and music editions
  • catalogues of works
  • specialist periodicals
  • encyclopaedias in the areas of musicology and theology
  • programmes, yearbooks, scholarly publications and other publications by the Bachakademie
  • interdisciplinary materials

In addition, we invite you to listen to CDs, cassettes and LP records from our extensive holdings in our listening rooms. The library of the Bachakademie is a public reference library which is free to use. We ask you to let us know in advance if you are coming and look forward to your visit.