St John Passion

Performance of BachBewegt!Tanz! "Zweifelmut" (2022) © Holger Schneider
Performance of BachBewegt!Tanz! "Zweifelmut" (2022)

Love, redemption, freedom, betrayal, lament and loneliness. Schoolchildren from the Stuttgart and Minden regions have explored these emotions in different ways in dance as part of the BachBewegt!Tanz! project, working on Johann Sebastian Bach’s St John Passion. Over several months of rehearsals with dancer and choreographer Friederike Rademann, the schoolchildren have developed their own artistic expression, and a very personal approach to the music. The high point of the project is the performances with the Gaechinger Cantorey on the stage, with set designs, lighting and costumes. So ears, eyes and hearts will be opened – for the participants and the audiences, for a musical work, but also for each other.