BachBewegt!Tanz! © hs

Also in the 2021/22 season, pupils will be invited to work on an artistic production process, the culmination of which will be a staged performance with set designs, lighting and costumes.

This year’s BachBewegt!Tanz! project for young people of all backgrounds and training takes place under the title “Zweifelmut” (indecision) – a Baroque concept which aptly describes how in life, we humans often have to cope with two emotions, two opposing inner conditions.

BachBewegt!Tanz! © hs

In Bach’s cantata BWV 66, this is expressed in the lines: “Besiege mich und meinen Zweifelmut,/der Gott, der Wunder tut” [Conquer me and my indecision, The God who does wondrous deeds”.] For the first time, BachBewegt!Tanz!, the dance project developed and choreographed for young people by Friederike Rademann, is devoted to a through-composed programme. After the motet “Komm, Jesu, komm” dance takes over the stage: Bach’s famous “Actus tragicus” of 1707 (written when he was just a few years older than the young people involved in this project today) and his cantata “Erfreut euch, ihr Herzen” tell of death and farewells, but turn these last thoughts into comfort and joyful confidence: out of doubt comes courage! Touching music meets emotionally expressive dance, a physical as well as spiritual experience which performers and audiences won’t forget.

BachBewegt!Tanz! © hs

Musical support for the young people is provided live by the Gaechinger Cantorey – the ensembles of the Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart under their conductor Hans-Christoph Rademann. Teachers accompany and support the entire artistic process, in the process gaining new inspiration for their own pedagogical work.