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Young Bachakademie people on the Schlossplatz square

Children and young people who want to create music themselves and experience it together in concert are welcome in our BachClub.

A wide range of opportunities are provided for young people there:

  • BachClub Backstage
    for all the subscription series concerts in Stuttgart, there are special insights into the action on stage and behind the scenes, a creative introduction to the concert, plus the shared concert experience!
  • BachClub Magazine
    for everyone who likes writing and is interested in cultural topics! Young reporters out and about, live at events, at interviews and writing reports together – at the end of the season the magazine is published both online and in print.
  • BachClub concert
    for budding cultural managers who want to organise their own concert! Here they learn everything that needs to be considered so that the ensemble gets to perform on stage, and they organise everything from ticketing, to advertising, to a stage plan. The concert will take place in the Musikfest Stuttgart!
  • BachClub Workshop
    experience music up-close and in the community – short musical discovery tours which are both enormous fun, and also provide all participants with new experiences.

All BachClub members receive a special membership card and a welcome present. There’s also reduced price entry for up to two accompanying adults!

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