Season's concerts

Unser neues Saison-Motiv

In the 2019/ 2020 season the Gaechinger Cantorey conducted by Hans-Christoph Rademann presents three new concerts at three different locations in Stuttgart. "Hin und weg!" ("Blown away") is the name of the mobile concert format which the Akademie Director and his musicians launch in the Wagenhallen, the Cathedral Church of St. Eberhard and the Kunstmuseum. Programmes always include a Bach cantata, which is performed in full, then deconstructed into individual sound samples and explained from different perspectives, before being finally reassembled and performed complete for a second time. "Hin und weg!" aims to create a collaborative dialogue between musicians and audience: at the end there’s always a discussion between listeners and performers about the shared musical experience.

»Hin und weg!«

As well as our Stuttgart subscription series which in future will include just one concert in the Liederhalle, we are also offering a further subscription series in Ludwigsburg in the Forum am Schlosspark. We hope that this step will not only expand our audience, but will also give you the opportunity to experience even more exciting programmes with the Bachakademie than previously. In musical experiences this "even more" will include a free programme for our subscribers before each concert.

Abonnement Stuttgart

Abonnement Ludwigsburg